?Is thermal coal a mineral

?Is thermal coal a mineral

?Is thermal coal a mineral

.To know the answer, it means to know whether thermal coal is a mineral? Or not

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?What is a mineral

?To understand the answer, we must first know what is meant by mineral

.A mineral is a solid and often has a fixed molecular structure

Minerals are commonly found in explorations of the earth’s crust and any minerals

.It has its own unique chemical structure

.Minerals do not consist of a specific element as well

.Minerals can not always be considered to have a molecular structure

.In fact, mineralization is the smallest part of a particular mineral due to its unique properties

It differs from other similar minerals in the type of molecular composition and chemical structure

.For example, consider an example of clay

.The minerals that make up clay have created the unique properties of this type of soil

As a result, if other minerals are used in the amount of clay (such as peat soil)

.In no case does the resulting mineral have the properties of clay mineral


:you are reading about

?Is thermal coal a mineral


Minerals and elemental structure

Some minerals are made of one or more pure elements and many of them

.They are found in two or more different elements in nature

.Mineral is derived from the Persian word kani meaning ore

.As a result, the mineral is a material obtained directly from the mine

.Therefore, materials such as carbon, ruby, amber, etc. can be called minerals

.But materials such as glass, porcelain, and alloys produced by humans after extraction in factories are not minerals

.So far we have defined mineralization and now it is time to answer the question

?The question is, is thermal coal a mineral

:The answer to this question can be said

.Thermal coal is a special and exceptional case

,Coal is actually an organic source

.But during its evolution, it undergoes many changes, so this substance does not have direct organic roots

.Therefore, thermal coal can not be considered as a mineral or mineral by definition

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