What does finding coal in an area represent?

What does finding coal in an area represent?

What does finding coal in an area represent?

Follow us to the end of this article to find out the answer to this question of what finding coal in an area represents.

To know the answer, you must first know what plants cause coal.

In the past, the climate of our continent has been different and has changed over time.

In the Age of Water, the Earth was much more tropical than it is today, as in excavations of present-day Cold Alaska, remnants of tropical trees such as the palm tree have been found.

Geology has been very effective in understanding the geography of the world.

After exploring coal mines in an area, it is possible to ensure the existence of vegetation in the harvest years.

You are reading an article from the site of Kia National Coke, the first specialized thermal coal store system in Iran.

Kia Shennal Coke, a manufacturer of thermal coals, coking coals and anthracite coals, invites you to read this article.

In the following, we will introduce the plants in coal-rich areas.

Plants such as:

Leukopodia, Horsetail, Conifers, Moss, Vascular mammals, Branches, Cycadals, Petrodosperms, Ginkgoles

They are among the plants that once grew in coal-rich areas and after a few thousand years have turned into coal to provide the fuel we need in industry and other uses.

Finding coal mines indicates a favorable climate for the growth of plants, relatively fertile soil and sufficient water resources such as lakes, rivers and rainfall in the area.

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